Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ah, now comes censorship.

I joined the Facebook page for the folks trying to boycott the Lost Abbey Brewery. (Yes, boycott; as if any of these people were in the habit of buying this company's products to begin with). One poster named "Coven Avalon" posted several times that the Lost Abbey blog had been "pagan bashing big time; called us ignorant!" I posted to say that this was not true, that the word "ignorant" had only been used to refer to the remarks in emails sent TO the Lost Abbey Brewery. I also wrote that this poster should get their facts straight before trying to incite people to engage in an angry campaign of email to the company. At no point was I rude or derogatory (despite receiving fairly condescending treatment from the creators of the page). After a bit of back and forth where I attempted to clarify my position when it was being misinterpreted, my remarks were deleted from the Facebook page and my membership in the page removed. NICE. Ironic, too...given the insistence of so many of these people that they feel a desperate need to "have their say." Hmm.

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  1. I'm afraid there simply is no reasoning with folks who are caught up in a mob mentality. Calm, rational facts only wake them up from their stupor in Disney movies. In real life they have to "burn themselves out."

    They'll get over it soon. It actually requires work to remain indignant, and once the arc of their self-created drama dies out, they won't want to put in the effort. Something fresh will come along to feed their drama addiction. It always does. O_o